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      Prednisone Acetate tablets (PET)

      Prednisone Acetate tablet For Pet        

      Prescription Medicine for animal 


      Active Ingredient: prednisone acetate

      Description: white tablet


      Medicine interactions:

      1. Liver drug enzyme inducer such as Phenobarbital can speed up the metabolism of this product and reduce its efficacy.

      2. This drug can accelerate the elimination of Salicylate and reduce its efficacy.  To use them together will cause easily gastrointestinal ulcers.

      3. Usage with cardiac glycoside will increase the toxicity of digitalis and the occurrence of arrhythmia.  This product will reduce the efficacy of anticoagulant so to use them together it is recommended to increase the dosage of anticoagulant. 

      4. Usage with potassium diuretics may cause serious hypokalemia and decrease the efficacy of potassium diuretics due to retention of sodium and water.


      Indications: Glucocorticoids drug with the effect of anti inflammatory, anti-allergic and affect the metabolism of glucose.  In treatment for disease of inflammatory and allergic.


      Administration and Dosage:

      Based on prednisone acetate.  

      By oral.  For dogs and cats, 0.5-2mg/kg(BW) per time or follow veterinarian‘s advice.


      Adverse reactions:

      1. With stronger effect of sodium & water retention and potassium excretion.

      2. With Stronger effect of immunosuppressive..

      3. Large dosage in late trimester of pregnancy may cause abortion sometimes.

      4. Large dosage or long-term medication will cause easily low functionality of  adrenal cortex.



      1.  Do not use on animals of early and late trimester of pregnancy.

      2. Do not use on animals with osteoporosis and vaccination.

      3. Do not use on animals with severe liver dysfunction and during treatment of 

      fracture and wound healing.

      1. For treatment of acute bacterial infections, it is recommended to use with

      Antibiotic as well

      2. After use for a long-term, do not stop suddenly, shall reduce dosage gradually.


      Drug withdrawal: None            

      Specification: 5mg

      Packing size:100tablet/bottlesX240bottles/carton 

      Storage: Protect from light and store in a tightly sealed container.