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      Cbest Jinsushi

      Chinese name:畜多健

      Active Ingredient: natural plant extracts (astragalus, radix, Chrysanthemum indicum), L-carnitine, sorbitol, betaine, amino acids and vitamins

      Main Function: 1.Promoting and supporting the metabolism of porcine to strengthen liver and kidney function to better conception rate.   2.Reduce stress and let pigs have better appetite in increasing the immunity.   3.Prevent antibiotics poisoning and discharge toxins especially effective against yellow jaundice.  4.Strengthen the immune system to have better survival rate in newborn piglets

      Administration and Dosage:For livestock feeding, add 1500g per ton of feed.

      Storage: protect it from light, store in a tightly sealed container and keep in a dry place.

      Packing:500g × 20 bags / carton