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      Development Goals And Planning

      New product research and development and innovative manufacturing technology are the purpose of the company's pursuit of growth, in addition to the existing high-quality R & D personnel with the company's short-range and long-range development, will again absorb the industry elite, into our R & D team. All employees have received training in GMP knowledge, and laboratory personnel have been trained by relevant departments at or above the provincial level. After passing the examination, they are licensed.

      Based on the domestic market, looking forward to international demand is the company's development milestone. Sales are mainly export-oriented, and Southeast Asia is the major market. In the future, it will expand to Europe and the Americas. Good quality control, advanced manufacturing technology and perfect after-sales service system will be the company's development is better than the industry, in the development process, shorten the time to reach the task, and actively and steadily build the company's brand in domestic and foreign markets. .